The Looming Obesity Crisis | Dr. Christie Ducote

The Lancet, a prestigious British medical journal, published a shocking report this week concluding that over half of Americans will be clinically obese by the year 2030.  The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines obesity as a person having a BMI, or body mass index, of 30 or higher.  A person’s BMI is correlated with their amount of body fat. 

 The report stated that not only will there be huge health consequences, but also worsen the burden of health care on our economy.  Obesity has been clinically proven to have direct associations between many life-threatening conditions including diabetes mellitus, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, cancer, and stroke.  The current cost of obesity alone in the United States is $270 billion a year. 

 Most importantly, being obese and battling diseases for the rest of your life can steal you and your family of the most amazing quality of life that you deserve. 

 Hormones, toxins, inflammation, lack of sleep, and stress make up several of the barriers that make you weight loss resistant.  Overcoming this resistance requires understanding.  You can’t just spend more time on the treadmill or restrict calories more – and why would  you want to?  What you do need to do is address several elements involved. 

 The most cutting edge nutritional protocols out there today give you a diet based on hormones.  This plan reduces inflammation, gets hormones under control, and reduces stress in the system. 

 Toxins bind to fats and block or damage gland function.  Both of these issues that toxins create can stop fat loss in it’s tracks and cause fat store and accumulate.

 By addressing hormones, reducing inflammation, and teaching you how to lower toxic exposure and get poisons moving out of your system – you can overcome weight loss resistance.  It may sound hard and complicated, but we give you a simple formula that’s easy to follow at the Maximized Living Makeover.



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