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What You Should Know About Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy:

Pregnancy presents a unique set of challenges, often making it difficult for women to feel their best. The physical transformations, including weight gain, shifts in center of gravity, and hormonal fluctuations, can leave expectant mothers feeling disconnected from their own bodies. Coupled with the emotional rollercoaster of awaiting childbirth, it’s common for questions and concerns to arise: Is my baby developing well? Will the delivery go smoothly?

Seeking to alleviate discomfort without resorting to medication or surgery, many mothers-to-be turn to chiropractic care during pregnancy. This holistic approach not only addresses physical discomfort but also supports the optimal positioning of the unborn baby for birth.

At PATH Chiropractic & Wellness, all of our Doctors of Chiropractic are certified in the Webster Technique, a trusted method that has provided relief and comfort to countless women worldwide. Our team of licensed chiropractic doctors are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and well-being throughout your pregnancy journey, ensuring both you and your baby receive the care and support you need.

What Is The Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique, pioneered by Dr. Larry Webster, the founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, is a specialized approach tailored for pregnancy. It targets the alignment of the pelvis and its surrounding muscles and ligaments, aiming to restore balance during this crucial period.

This technique not only addresses discomfort but also promotes overall wellness throughout pregnancy. It’s noteworthy that even if a mother-to-be isn’t currently experiencing discomfort, the Webster Technique is often recommended to support the body’s natural adjustments and optimize the pregnancy journey.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

Women often seek chiropractic care during pregnancy for several reasons, including the desire for a smoother and more comfortable labor and optimal positioning for delivery. This care is particularly supportive for those aiming for a drug-free vaginal birth with minimal interventions. In addition to addressing common discomforts such as headaches, backaches, and leg pain, regular chiropractic adjustments can help maintain overall wellness.

Central to this approach is the Webster Technique, which involves applying gentle yet strategic pressure to the pelvis to realign it and induce relaxation in the uterus. This can create more space for the baby to assume a heads-down position, while also providing greater comfort for the mother.

Feeling physically well during pregnancy enables mothers to maintain their usual routines, exercise regimens, and mobility, all of which contribute to a higher likelihood of experiencing fewer or no medical interventions during childbirth.

The Webster Technique is a go-to option for pregnant women worldwide who seek to minimize discomfort before and during labor without resorting to drugs or surgery. It’s suitable for women regardless of their chosen birth plan and can be beneficial in various settings, including home births, birth centers, or hospitals.

What Should You Expect?

Your visits with your chiropractor are designed to be a source of anticipation and comfort. Our aim is to ensure that each appointment not only brings physical relief but also fosters emotional well-being. Prior to commencing your adjustment, your doctor will take the time to discuss any updates regarding your overall health, pregnancy progress, and any new sensations or symptoms you may be experiencing.

Following this personalized assessment and discussion, your chiropractor will proceed with your adjustment using a specially modified table that accommodates your growing belly, along with additional pillows or supports to enhance your comfort. These appointments are slightly longer than standard adjustments and may include targeted massage therapy as well. Every aspect of your appointment is tailored to address your specific needs at that moment and to support optimal positioning for your baby’s birth.

Most importantly, treatment with the Webster Technique is gentle and entirely safe, ensuring both your comfort and the well-being of your baby throughout the process.

When Should I Start Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

No matter what point you’re at in your pregnancy, it is not too late to begin treatment. However, the earlier our doctors can see you the better. Releasing the stress building on your pelvis and uterine structures will be essential in helping you remain comfortable and active as long as possible up to the baby’s birth.

If you’re aware that your baby is in breech position, please contact us to be seen as soon as possible. The later in the pregnancy you wait, the larger the baby is and the more effort will be required to get them to turn to a heads-down position. That said, it can be possible to encourage a baby to turn as late as the 38th or 39th week of pregnancy with the help of a certified Webster practitioner.

Chiropractic care can also be supportive during the preconception phase. Because chiropractic care improves the function of the nervous system, which is linked to the reproductive system, benefits to care can include a return to regular menstrual cycles and a better functioning uterine system. 

Ultimately, making the time for chiropractic care during pregnancy is a gift you can give not just to yourself, but that will benefit your newest family member as well. To learn more, check out the videos our team has created on the following topics:

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If you have any doubts at all, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with our office or to discuss your care plan with your midwife or obstetrician. Chiropractic care using the Webster Technique is well established and known to safely deliver consistent positive results for pregnant women. 

Our Webster Technique certified Doctors of Chiropractic are ready and willing to support you on your journey to as quick and comfortable a birth as possible.

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