The Y-Strap & The A.D.T.

What is the Y-Strap?

The Y-Strap is a decompression tool used to vertically stretch the spine to release pressure from the vertebrae that have been compressed from the top to bottom of the back.  This will relieve pressure on compressed & bulging discs and free the spinal nerves to function optimally and reduce pain. 

What is the A.D.T. (Advanced Decompression Technique)?

With over a decade of experience, Dr. Glennon specializes in a unique form of spinal decompression known as A.D.T. This technique stands out due to its innovative combination of the Y-Strap with a specialized table. This table is designed to position the patient’s spine in a zero gravity state, promoting maximum relaxation. Additionally, bolsters are utilized to secure the patient in place, preventing any sliding during the traction process. It’s important to note that this treatment is tailored for challenging cases where traditional methods have been ineffective. A comprehensive evaluation is essential to determine eligibility for A.D.T. Schedule your appointment today to learn more about this advanced treatment option.

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