The Number One Killer Should be an Inconsequential Disease

A study by British scientists has discovered that half of heart disease deaths could be avoided with lifestyle.  The warning is that if you think you’re getting away with an average to below average focus on food, fitness, and function – you’re not.

Simon Capewell of the University of Liverpool points out in the study he wrote in the World Health Organization weekly journal that while we had made some progress in the past on lowering heart disease rates, the problem is still severe and results  are now leveling off in young men and women.  He states, “Recent declines in total blood cholesterol have been modest, blood pressure is now rising among women and obesity and diabetes are rising steeply in both sexes.”

They found that almost 200,000 lives could be saved if certain heart risk factors were cut, even modestly.

Two-thirds of U.S. adults and nearly one in three children are overweight or obese — a condition that increases their risk for diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses.  The recent weight trends are “alarming,” with 1.5 billion adults worldwide expected to be overweight by 2015.  

While a whole lot of attention is often placed on breast cancer and women, more women than men will die this year from heart disease. More than 41 million women in America have it and it’s the leading cause of death.

Similar to the England study, a Swedish Study of more than 24,000 women showed that you could cut your risk of heart attack by 92% with age old, maximized living principles.

The numbers show that by following the correct way of living, you could take America’s top killer and turn it into an uncommon illness. As the leaders of this study mentioned, even though you think, “That’s not me” –  it is you – if you’re not on top of what you eat, how you exercise, and how your body is functioning.

To drastically reduce risks, it is important to look at all 5 of the Essentials.  The one you do not acknowledge is generally the one that causes disease.  In October, ML doctors are going to cover all 5: Mind (Stress/thinking), Nervous System (Function), Nutrition, Fitness, and Toxicity.   The program is called Maximized Living Makeover.

The old saying is a true one with heart disease – “Don’t become a statistic.”  Take care of today for life outside a world filled with heart disease tomorrow.

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