The #1 Financial Crisis in the U.S. is NOT the Stock or Real Estate Market | Dr. Ben Lerner

Four (4) Invaluable lessons I learned from great people with great things to say:

1. “You’re only young once – take care of it.” (I’ll bet you thought he was going to say “Enjoy it.” So did I.) -FROM A HEALTHY, WEALTHY, ULTRA-ACTIVE 80 YEAR OLD MAN

2.“People spend half their life spending all of their health to acquire wealth and the second half of their life spending MORE THEN their wealth trying to get their health back.” -FROM A WORLD-LEADING DOCTOR

3.“The #1 cause of bankruptcy and financial stress are costs related to health problems. So it’s simple – make your health your 1st investment.” -FROM A WORLD-LEADING, WEALTHY FINANCIAL ADVISOR

4.“What do you mean organic food is too expensive? Your health is not a place to save money! You’ll spend 10 times as much later at the hospital!! (On drugs and surgery)” -FROM A SUPERMOM (Single mom, successful business woman, with 4 great kids)

The Boston Herald reported a study from Fidelity Bank that showed a typical couple needs $225,000 in CASH (in addition to insurance and medicare) to cover medical expenses after retirement1 and this number — which was $215,000 last year — is increasing at a rate of 4.7% a year! At that rate (4.7%/year in 12 years) you will need approximately $400,000 in cash at retirement to pay medical costs NOT covered by insurance or medicare. If medicare fades out, as many are predicting, you will need far more than that. In search of a quick fix, many people first will state that we just need better health care coverage; however, this plan is unattainable as our country cannot give every American an additional $200,000 – $1,000,000 in medical benefits.

THE real problem is neglecting the last place you put time and effort — your health — which is why it fails and gets so expensive later.


  • Cheap food, cheap groceries, and cheap supplements are the #1 sellers.
  • A gym industry article stated recently that only 13% of the U.S. exercises regularly
  • 7% go to the Chiropractor (Even though to my knowledge 100% have a spine)
  • You get the cheapest insurance you can find and then that their recommendations and the doctors on the list are going to make – the cheapest is the lowest quality. These guidelines are designed to save the insurer money… not to get you healthy.
  • Passion for the quick fix despite the huge risk. Pharmaceutical companies make trillions even though the side-effects on every drug commercial and bottle read: “CAUTION: Your nose will fall off, you will become homicidal, get cancer, die early, commit suicide, and see aliens.”

Rising medical costs are not the issue, destructive lifestyles along with doctors that are trained in disease care and not health care are. Information to take away from this article: if you want to be wealthy, take care of yourself today to avoid poor health and, consequently, expensive medical conditions tomorrow. Not only will you save $100’s of thousands, you will save your life!

Make the right investment now, remember what my mentors said:

“….take care of your youth (health and vitality)”

“….spend time on your health”

“….spend money on your health – make health your first investment (a few thousand today will equal $400,000+ tomorrow… and you won’t be dead)”

“…don’t save (go to the cheap doctor on the insurance or buy the cheap food and vitamins) when it comes to health.” You might save $12.50 on your grocery bill and $20 at the doctor … but you’ll be dead.

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1 Associated Press | Wednesday, March 5, 2008 | | Lifestyle

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