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Simple Assessments, Powerful Results

Your PATH Wellness Doctors treats your body as a complex array of important systems, not just a set of symptoms.

During your first visit, our team will take the time to understand your complete health history, current symptoms, and the lifestyle factors influencing your current health. We’ll also work to understand your own goals.

  • Do you want symptom relief?
  • Do you need reconstructive care to recover from an injury?
  • Are you interested in raising your athletic or sports performance?
  • Are you ready to rebuild lifelong health and wellness and protect against illness and injury?

During the consultation, the doctor will assess the causes of your complaints and your overall state of health. The exam uses state-of-the-art tests to uncover underlying problems that have not yet presented any symptoms. These tests may include:

  • Infrared Foot Scan
  • Range-of-motion tests
  • Digital X-Rays

Getting Started, Together

During the report of findings, Dr. Glennon and his team will discuss your results with you – good or bad – and help you understand what the next step is and why it’s important. This is the start of an important partnership, and we’re here to help.

  • The specific type and duration of session we schedule for you depends on your problem and overall goals.
  • As you improve, your visits become less frequent.

Globally, millions of people rely on chiropractic care to find symptom relief and boost the body’s ability to repair, recover, and restore. Whether you’re sick or healthy, there is no substitute for whole-body health coaching from a qualified, experienced PATH Wellness Doctor. Life-changing results are just a click away. Request an appointment with our Doctors today!

Don’t Want to Wait?

The PATH Health Risk Questionaire (HRC) is an online assessment designed to give you a nutrition plan optimized for your lifestyle. This 46-question quiz will help you spot potential health risks based on your answers about the basics and a lot more:

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Stress levels

Data-Driven Diet Decisions

After you complete the HRQ, you will be able to schedule a complimentary wellness phone consultation with one of PATH Wellness Doctors that includes diet and supplement recommendations based on your lifestyle and health factors.

If you want to dig in deeper, Dr. Glennon or a Team Member will follow up with you regarding a Customized Metabolic Assessment. This assessment will use laboratory testing to determine your individual nutrient deficiencies and allow your doctor to create a supplementation, nutrition, and exercise plan tailored to your body’s unique physiology.

Good health and nutrition shouldn’t be guesswork – take the HRQ to start achieving a higher level of health today!

It’s free, so START NOW!

Our Clinic

Meet our team and learn more about our facility. If you are in the area, find out what the proven power of The 5 Keys can do for your life, and request an appointment today. New patient appointments are available throughout the week.